In 1929 the Bach brothers fulfilled their dream of creating an exceptional environment to cradle exceptional wines: the Masía Bach winery. It has been a long time since then, but fidelity to the spirit of the beginnings of the Masía Bach has remained unchanged: quality, originality and personality in all its wines and cavas.
Wines made under the Bach brand belong to the D.O. Catalunya This one extends by the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees. It brings together about 50,000 hectares of wine area spread over more than 300 municipalities in Catalonia, where the vineyard has been traditionally cultivated, becoming a characteristic and inherent element of its landscapes, the diet of its inhabitants and its culture.
Bach condenses the aroma and taste of life. Discover the world through the colors, nuances and shades of its wines, in the Extrísimo, Viña Extrísima range and also in the refreshing Bach Frizzante Moscato, or in its cavas of different dosages, such as the Cava Gran Bach Brut or the range Extrísimo.
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