Legaris Calmo

Legaris Calmo

D.O. Ribera del Duero
Customer Reviews
Calmo Legaris is a wine to accompany a gourmet banquet from start to finish. Its elegance allows it to pair with delicate casseroles, while its concentration will balance the most elaborate dishes. It is also an ideal Wine to enjoy after a meal.
Tasting Note
Bright, dark-cherry red with bluish hues.
The tasting of Legaris Calmo has two stages. At the beginning there is an explosion of ripe, flavour some dark fruit, perfumed and clean. It is very well-balanced and long in the mouth. When it has been in the glass for a while and it has opened up, all its nuances are fully expressed. The fruit is still there but now integrated with the aromas from the carefully-chosen barrels.
The tannins are silky. Calmo Legaris is enveloping, elegant, suggestive, velvety, persistent and seductive.
Tinto fino
Alcoholic grade 15%
Sulfits content Yes
Vineyard and processing
Elaboration (vinification)

Calmo Legaris 2014 is a night free-run wine. But we will start at the beginning. It comes from a painstaking selection of small vineyards in four municipalities: Boada de Roa, in Burgos, and Peñafiel, Curiel del Duero and Pesquera de Duero, in the province of Valladolid. We pick the grapes by hand when they are very ripe and we subject them toi a cold soak for a week. Alcoholic fermentation with wild yeasts took place in small tapered tanks, with frequent manual punch downs.

After each day of harvest, the little wine left in the best tanks that are racked that day is allowed to drain by gravity through the paste overnight. This is the free–run wine. We leave the stopcock open all night, and the wine is collected in a container. Before leaving Legaris we check that everything is working properly, turn off the lights and close the winery. The following morning, the collected wine is put in a barrel where the source tank is identified. The wine stays in the same barrel throughout its oak ageing phase.

Malolactic fermentation takes place separately in new French oak barrels from four different coopers and their subsequent barrel ageing lasts 21 months. After ageing, the final blend of is carried out. This year it was eight barrels, seeking the best expression of our 2014 Tempranillo. Calmo Legaris does not see the light every year; only on those when final quality and bottleageing capacity are truly exceptional. The 2014 vintage of Legaris Calmo was bottled without fining or filtering on 23 March 2017 and consists of 1,700 numbered bottles.

Vineyard (viticulture)

This wine was made exclusively with Tinta Fina grapes from a meticulous selection of small plots in four different municipalities, located in two provinces: Boada de Roa, in the province of Burgos, and Peñafiel, Curiel del Duero and Pesquera de Duero, in the province of Valladolid. Espalier-trained vines planted in clay soils at an altitude of 830 m, whose grapes give structure and depth to wine. Espalier-trained vines at altitudes between 750 and 860 m, whose gravelly soils provide freshness and elegance.

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