Ars Collecta Codorníu

Ars Collecta, the legacy of almost five centuries of enrichment of Codorníu, incorporates in its collection three new Great Reserve cavas: Ars Collecta Blanc de Blancs , Ars Collecta Blanc de Noirs and Ars Collecta Grand Rosé.
Ars Collecta is the art collection of Codorníu in the form of a unique range of Limited Edition Great Reserve cavas that come from the best Codorníu vineyards in three different climate zones. It is the reflection of the Mediterranean genius, the fruit of three exceptional lands, the result of its climates and their lands, their spirits and their temperaments, of this deranged combination of Xaloc, Mistral and Tramuntana. The genius of a stubborn link between these three lands: Lleida, Riudabella and Vilafranca del Penedès.
The process of making the Ars Collecta cavas begins in the vineyard with a careful selection of its grapes in a vintage way made with the maximum care. The elaboration and its long aging takes place in the Celler Jaume, an autonomous small cellar inside Codorníu erected exactly in the same place where Josep Raventós elaborated the first bottle of cava in 1872.
The range includes the three Qualified Single Vineyard Cavas: La Fideuera de Vilafranca del Penedès, The Tros Nou by Riudabella and La Pleta from Lleida. Jaume Codorníu and 457 condense the essence of this collection being both a coupage of these three different places.

Ars Collecta Codorníu
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