The earth, our reason for being

That is why our company has been sustainable, taking care of the land, a land whose fruit our business is based on, and also taking care of the people, true architects of our leadership. This commitment is ratified in the management of the Codorníu Raventós group and is integrated into our corporate values. And we do it essentially from our four values: care for the environment, the local development, the people and the promotion of a healthy life.

Preserve the environment

Our winemaking activity employs sustainable agriculture techniques, minimizing the intervention, rationalizing water resources and ensuring the natural ecosystems where the vine is grown. Care for the environment not only remains in the first stage of development but transcends the entire value chain.

Development of communities

Where our wineries are located, we encourage the development of local producers and generate value in local communities through our wine tourism activities.

Agents of change

We promote the professional development of our employees. They are considered agents of social change, through the generation of enriched environments of work, equality, training, communication, conciliation between professional life and private life, social benefits and active participation. We also support young people in their integration into the labor market thanks to the company-university agreements.

Promotion of responsible consumption

As advocates of the wine culture and a healthy life, we adhere to the philosophy of responsible alcohol consumption. We also bring organic wines and cavas to the market according to the new needs of our consumers.

Our driving force: generate social value

In our long history we have overcome difficult moments thanks to effort, innovation and a sense of responsibility and ethics, both of our own and of all our interest groups. Almost 450 years after our creation, we continue to look for what has always inspired us: economic growth and the generation of social value in the people that form part of the Codorníu Raventós group, in our environment and in our markets. Because we believe that companies can and should contribute to a better world.