Cuvée Barcelona 1872 Rosé

Cuvée Barcelona 1872
Cuvée Barcelona 1872 pays tribute to our origins. Bruno Colomer, Oenologist

Commemorating the year in which Josep Raventós crafted the first bottle of cava. A brut cava made as in the past, reviving the original and readapting it to the present. A cava with rich aromatic nuances,creaminess and intense expression. And draped in a bottle inspired in our own history, typical modernist stained glass windows.

  • In order to make Cuvée 1872 Rosé, every year we select the choicest traditional red varietals.

    The harvest commences at the end of August and lasts until the end of September when the Parellada grapes, which are grown on higher ground, have ripened. Good ripening that respects the grape’s acidity provides us with raw material with great cellaring potential.

  • A cava to be enjoyed at any time of day, with breakfast, brunch, lunch, aperitifs or dinner.

    A perfect pairing with our varied cuisine: Cold entrées, aperitifs, assorted cold meats, cheeses, bread with tomato, sardines, snails, white meat casseroles, rice dishes, rice cooked with seafood and meat, cannelloni, escudella stew...

A very Mediterranean taste

This Cava is perfect to go with varied Mediterranean cuisine: cold starters, tapas, cured meats, cheese, fresh bread with tomato spread, sardines, snails, white meat casseroles, paella, the best of from the mountains and the sea, canelloni, "escudella"...

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